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Styling advice for the DIY Bride


Choosing the décor and style of your wedding can be a difficult decision especially in a DIY venue, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by beautiful blogs, magazines and Pinterest boards! Whilst it’s great to get ideas and see what others have created it’s more important to consider what you want the tone of your wedding to be and how you can reflect your personalities. Your budget will affect a lot of the decisions you make but there is a lot you can do when styling to make savings without sacrificing on style.

Planning ahead allows you the time to source items at a much lower cost, whatever the style you are trying to achieve. Prioritising your spending is key, consider your venue and which areas are going to be the key backdrops: perhaps behind your cake, top table and the dance floor and focus on creating an impact in those areas rather than attempting to decorate the whole room.

Creating DIY décor reduces the cost significantly, but only when you shop around for the raw materials; tissue paper may look cheap but to create impact with your DIY pom poms you will need a lot and it can soon add up.

Ask around to see if the candelabras you like can be brought at whole sale prices, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts and also keep an eye on online bridal groups, sometimes people are selling their wedding items on, but only buy the things you really want as it’s easy to buy for the price instead of items that will have the most impact.

Before buying all your wedding items, it is worth asking wedding stylists for a quote, it may not cost as much as you think and they often have an abundance of different style items and large quantities available to hire. With a stylist on hand they will also be able to advise you how to create a cohesive theme and incorporate your DIY projects. Wedding stylists and venue decorators often provide different levels of service so whether you love creating your own items or find DIY décor frightening, you can receive the level of help you need. From full venue styling to having help dressing your venue the morning of the wedding with all the items you’ve lovingly made.

If you have decided to go for it and fully create your vision with a little help from friends and family there a few things that will help bring your style together. Try not to buy items one at a time, if you have 10 tables and a very large room, one item won’t have much impact and you are gambling that you will be able to find other items to suit. The same principle applies to your DIY items, make more than you think you will need; your boxes of decorations will seem like a lot in your hallway but its disheartening when you get to the venue and your paper flowers look tiny in the vast space. Buy a couple of cans of good quality spray paint in colours of different shades of your colour scheme, there are lots of items that sprayed will look perfect with you theme but don’t get carried away! Focus on your three key backdrops and create high impact large scale ideas in those areas and consider how you can use those areas well. Can the speeches take place in front of one, could your guest book be with another, by doing this your hard work will be seen and become a stunning backdrop to your photos.


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